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What can parents and communities do to create socioeconomically integrated schools?

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about our schools

Who we elect to the school board is crucial to the kind of public schools we have. But few parents seem to pay a great deal of attention to exactly what school board candidates believe in.

Because of my day ob, I’m constrained from making any recommendations.

That said, I welcome people making reasoned, calm and informed recommendations on this site. I.e. no name calling, but if there’s someone you think would be good on a the school board and you want to share with other parents why you feel that way, go for it.
And once you’ve got a good list and a few reasons why you like who you like, pass it on. People seem to know almost nothing about school board candidates and yet I would argue they impact our city in multiple ways many people don’t realize. So please share your research.

Other places you can go for information:

A nice, non-partisan chart of the candidates from a local school’s PTA


SF Chron: (middle of the road)


SF Parent Watch 

(A Yahoo group of public school parents focused on what they feel is SFUSD’s issues with “the false choice between equity and excellence” and pushing for access to more advanced math. The list includes (and I mean lots) of discussion of school board candidates)

To subscribe:


SF Parent PAC (I think pretty middle of the road, but could be wrong)


SF Bay Guardian, extremely progressive


Stan Goldberg, aka Senior Dad – mostly just the facts

An SFUSD parent with a podcast about school issues who usually interviews all the candidates. I don’t think he’s started posting his interview yet but they should come soon



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October 27, 2016 at 4:02 pm

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