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Updated list of new private schools in San Francisco

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The number of students in independent (as opposed to parochial or religious schools) in San Francisco has increased by 2,400 in the past decade, according to the California State Department of Education.

That number is expected to increase still further as the 11 new private schools (and one charter) which have opened in the City since 2010 build out their classes.

I believe SFUSD should be working to find out why these families have not chosen public schools, or why they leave at middle school, and aim to reverse what is a disturbing trend.


12 New San Francisco private (and 1 charter) schools since 2010 (updated Fall 2016

  1. Millennium School

2016, 6 – 8


100 students



  1. The New School of San Francisco (charter)

2015, K – 12

“inquiry based”

2929 19th Street, Mission

Opened with 44 kinder and 44 1st grade students

No tuition, this is a public charter school



  1. Proof School

2015, 7th – 12th

555 Post Street, Financial District

Math and science focus

No projected enrollment numbers available



  1. Live Oak

2014, Previously existing, plans to double enrollment “to meet increasing demand”

Potrero Hill

K – 8, “The private school for public school parents.”

260 students now, rising to 500 by 2022



5. Alt SchoolPlanning for five locations: Dogpatch, Hayes Valley, SMA, Marina

K – 8, “Personalized learning.”



  1. LePort School

2014, Mid-Market, Pre-K, moving to K-8. Montessori.

No tuition listed.


  1. Golden Bridges

K – 8, 2014, Mission district




  1. Presidio Knolls

SOMA, K – 8, 2012

Mandarin immersion.



  1. Brightworks

Mission, K -12. 2012. Science, hands-on focus.



  1. La Scuola

Alamo Square, K – 8, 2012

Italian immersion.



  1. San Francisco Schoolhouse

Inner Richmond, K – 8. 2011, Parent cooperative



  1. Alta Vista

Portola, K – 8, 2010 Math and Science focus.




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September 12, 2016 at 11:02 pm

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  1. As my youngest is still in public 1st grade. I struggle to want to keep him there. As my other two children are in Catholic middle and high schools.
    The district’s directives of pushing common core (or whatever they have hooked on for the year) down children’s throat and not accounting what age they are at developmentally or care about there joy of learning….. Yes. Private school keeps calling.


    September 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm

  2. The trend will not reverse anytime soon, as SF voters just elected four ideologues to the SFUSD school board who believe it is more important to achieve equal outcomes than to educate all students yo their potential. There is a reason that so many of the private schools have a math and science focus: SFUSD has foresaken its duty to teach these subjects any more than enough to meet GED requirements. Desire a career in finance/engineering/product development/research & development? You need to either go private, or stay in public schools, but ditch math class in order to actually spend your time studying higher math. Shame on these callous politicians who masquerade as education-minded commissioners.


    November 15, 2016 at 12:54 pm

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