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The LA School Report profiled an amazing teacher in LA Unified today. Benjamin Feinberg is an 8th grade math teacher  at Luther Burbank Middle School in Highland Park.

While the story (below) interesting, his blog is even better.

Read it, subscribe to it, pass it along to your friends. It’s here.

Feinberg does a fantastic job of playing with all the data he can get about LA Unified. He finds fascinating and important patterns. Maybe he wants to start looking at other districts too? (OK, so he’s got  more than full-time job, I know. But I wish we had more people like him doing serious analysis of data on other districts.)


How this LA Unified math teacher and blogger hooked his kids on data

Benjamin Feinberg

Luther Burbank Middle School teacher Benjamin Feinberg in the last week of class this June.

There were three days left in the school year, and final grades had already been turned in. Benjamin Feinberg’s 8th grade algebra students at Luther Burbank Middle School in Highland Park were looking forward to graduation and officially becoming high schoolers. But despite these kids having no tangible reason to stay engaged in the lesson plan and work hard, there they were on a June afternoon, each with laser-like focus as Feinberg worked his way through the day’s 84-minute class, the students learning simply for learning’s sake.

“I tell them ahead of time that I am going to keep teaching as if nothing is happening, so that they know it is coming” even though it’s the end of the term, Feinberg said. “And then I do that. They just keep learning. I find that totally works. Kids want to learn and they want to be ready for high school.”

Please read more here.


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July 12, 2016 at 11:22 pm

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