Education Lab invited two parents and a principal give their responses to this question, and invites readers to the same.

Earlier this week we published a story about Seattle’s Leschi Elementary School, which has altered a popular Montessori program so that its classes are more racially balanced.

We asked three people who have been involved in conversations about school diversity to answer this question: Should Montessori and other special programs be altered or eliminated to increase racial balance?

Some parents at Leschi Elementary supported the move, while others strongly opposed it. We asked one Leschi parent who was quoted in our story, André Helmstetter, to explain why he didn’t think it was the right decision. The story also mentions another school, Washington Middle School, which is piloting a similar effort, combining students from “regular” and “advanced” tracks. We invited that principal, Susan Follmer, to share her perspective. Finally, we asked a Seattle Public Schools parent, LaKesha Kimbrough, who dealt with a similar issue at her daughter’s school years ago, to share her thoughts.

You can find their responses below.  You also can offer your own answer in the comments section. We will add thoughtful reader responses to this post.