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What can parents and communities do to create socioeconomically integrated schools?

Where Are All the White People in San Francisco Public Schools?

Is it race, or economics? I would posit it’s more socioeconomic, which sadly map to race in the United States.

But for whatever reason, it’s happening, what can the District do to lure these families back to public school? Why do they chose private schools? These are the answers we need to get.

Where Are All the White People in San Francisco Public Schools?
Mar 24, 2015 · 2,130 views

San Francisco Unified School District enrollment by race/ethnicity; Source: CA Department of Education

Recently, our friends at San Francisco Public Press connected us with a really interesting data set: the demographics of San Francisco public schools. There were a lot of eye-opening statistics in the there. For example, in 2014, 58% of the students at public schools qualified for free or reduced-priced lunch based on their families income level — a shockingly high number of a city going through an economic boom.

Another thing stood out to us: There aren’t very many white students in the public school system, even though a lot of white people live in San Francisco. We decided to dig a little bit deeper into the data to figure this out. Where are the white people in San Francisco public schools?

In San Francisco, 41.6% of the overall population is white, according to the Census estimate for 2013. Of the city’s population age 19 and under, 28.7% are white. So you might expect, like we did, that white students would make up about 28-30% of the public school system.

In the 2013-2014 school year, only 12.9% of San Francisco public school students were white.

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