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What can parents and communities do to create socioeconomically integrated schools?

The Middle Class is shrinking, rich people don’t know anyone but rich people

Three articles today, all of which tie into my over-arching subject, which is the importance of having socioeconomically integrated public schools. These articles find that the middle class is shrinking, because the rich are becoming richer and the middle class poorer. So fewer middle class families. And, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports, wealthy people simply don’t think about others as much:

The NY Times articles on the shrinking middle class are here and here.

The Chronicle article is here.

“I think what we’re assessing in these studies is a general lack of sensitivity to the needs of other people,” Piff said. “The wealthier you are, the less attuned you are to other people around you.”

Piff speculated that wealthier people don’t have the same sensitivity to others as poor people do because they don’t need to rely on their neighbors and the wider community as much.


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January 27, 2015 at 4:54 am

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