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School board thoughts from some moderates

I do not endorse candidates and neither do I make political pronouncements. But I do follow what folks are saying about the school board election. This is from a group I didn’t know much about, called SF Moderates. It’s kind of fascinating that in a town that’s pretty much 100% Democrat we’ve got three flavors of Democrats now–progressive, liberal and now moderate.

Anywhere else in the country they’d all be considered “wide-eyed radicals.” Though I suppose the progressives might simply be called “crazed Commies.”

See what you make of the Moderates.


Time to Shake Up the School Board

by SF Moderates Board

We were disappointed to learn that the SF School Board dropped the ball on an important vote that would have made it easier for some families to attend their neighborhood school.  The school assignment system frustrates many families, but there was a fix – backed by data – that school board candidate Lee Hsu has been calling for since last year. Two school board members saw merit in what Hsu was pointing out. But they were the only two on the seven member school board willing to take action. So the fix died in committee.

The number of racially isolated schools in San Francisco has risen.  Our current system of preferences for families who live in low test score areas (the so-called “CTIP Preference”) creates unintended consequences that raise fairness concerns.  A rich kid who lives on one block can get priority over a poor minority child who lives a few blocks away.  The school district is 12% white in a city that’s over 40% white, which means we’re losing families to private schools and suburbs while the number of racially concentrated schools is rising.  No board member disputes any of these facts, but a majority of the board is still not ready to fix things.  Meanwhile, thousands of extra cars hit the road each morning and afternoon during rush hour shuttling kids to and from schools, which breaks up natural communities, affects everyone’s commute, and is tough on the environment.

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Written by Elizabeth Weise

August 30, 2014 at 2:54 pm

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