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What can parents and communities do to create socioeconomically integrated schools?

Oakland’s new French immersion charter school






Here’s one way Oakland families are working to create schools that keep families in the public schools, even if it’s charter. Check out their web page here.

Portland, Oregon recently opened a similar charter school, when the school district wouldn’t support it in the schools. It’s called Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School. Each year it turns away dozens of families who want their children to attend.

The New York City public schools have over 1,000 students in French immersion programs in 10 schools, making it the third-largest dual-language program, after Spanish and Chinese. That doesn’t even include the New York French American Charter School in Harlem. And more are in the works.

According to the French Embassy, over 120 public schools nationwide offer French immersion.

Wouldn’t it be great if San Francisco had a public French immersion program?  Think of all the immigrants from Vietnam, Haiti, Africa’s 24 Francophone nations as well as our neighbors to the north, Canada. There are 29 countries worldwide in which French is the official language. It’s not just France.

Imagine all the families who would stay in our public schools, or in San Francisco, if such an option were open.

Imaginez les possibilités



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